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Book CoverTitle:  Another Brooklyn    Author:   Woodson, Jacqueline

Book CoverTitle:  Before the Fall    Author:   Hawley, Noah

Book CoverTitle:  Since We Fell    Author:   Lehane, Dennis

Book CoverTitle:  The Ex    Author:   Burke, Alafair

Book CoverTitle:  All the Missing Girls    Author:   Miranda, Megan

Book CoverTitle:  Lincoln in the Bardo    Author:   Saunders, George

Book CoverTitle:  Vicious Circle: a Joe Pickett novel    Author:   Box, C.J.

Book CoverTitle:  Jane Steele: a confession    Author:   Faye, Lyndsay   Mystery

Book CoverTitle:  Where it Hurts    Author:   Coleman, Reed Farrel   Mystery

Book CoverTitle:  A Rising Man    Author:   Mukherjee, Abir   Mystery

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Book CoverTitle:  Norse Mythology    Author:   Gaiman, Neil

Book CoverTitle:  Valiant Ambition: George Washington , Benedict Arnold, and the fate of Americas Revolution    Author:   Philbrick, Nathaniel

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Young Adult

Book Cover PictureTitle:  Beyond the Bright Sea    Author:   Wolk, Lauren    Fiction

Book Cover PictureTitle:  Once and for All    Author:   Dessen, Sarah    Fiction

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Audio Books

CD CoverTitle:  Anything is Possible    Author:   Strout, Elizabeth    CD Fiction

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